Being who you want to be at work, and doing what you want to do in your career, is not easy.

It’s critical to have people on your side who will listen and ask great questions and guide you–wherever you want to go.

That’s what we do.

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Watch this video introduction to PATHZ:

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You have many paths for your own professional growth. We challenge you to explore them, and we want to help.

Want to stretch yourself at work? We will challenge you.
Not sure how to achieve your big dreams? We will guide you.
Feeling stuck? We will energize you.
Want to meet up with others to share ideas? We will connect you.
Want to learn something new? We will teach you.
Wondering what your next steps are? We will challenge you again.

Welcome to PATHZ: A professional growth challenge.
Your professional growth challenge.

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Hub = the effective center of an activity, region, or network.

The PATHZ hub. That’s what this website is designed to be: your hub for inspiration and help with your professional growth.

The PATHZ hub can be the effective center for your professional growth–the place you come to challenge yourself to think, consider, take some action, learn, connect with others who also care about their professional growth, meet real people who can help you, and find relevant workshops near you.

Scroll (or look) down–you’ll see our mini-hub navigation that will take you to more information. You should see that mini-hub on just about every page; if you don’t, let us know you are missing it.


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