PATHZ – A Professional Growth Challenge

Looking for new approaches to learn and practice professional skills and behaviors?

Want to learn and grow in ways that fit your schedule and your budget?

Are you ready to explore the options you have to accelerate your career?

It can be a challenge to take your professional growth and development into your own hands, but we’re here to help.

PATHZ provides situation-based and activity-driven opportunities for you to learn, practice and grow to achieve your best at work. Start exploring your options below.

Tangible tools for developing intangible skills and exploring your own career paths

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges

We post a free activity-driven exercise online every week day for you to do any time on your own time. By doing these exercises regularly, you are building critical intangible skills that will help you be more successful at work. They’re totally free!

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Digital Learning

Digital Learning

We are developing innovative and inspiring digital learning opportunities to support your growth, especially about these critical intangible skills. Please share your ideas so we can best understand what you want and need.

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Live Events

Live Events

Professionally facilitated, convenient, and short (just 90-minutes), our live topic-based workshops and forums are the place for you to learn, make your own plans, and meet others who share your passion for growth.

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Personal Guide

Personal Guide

A Professional Growth Guide is just a phone call away and will help you work through any career or work-related situation or decision. Schedule a free 15-minute call with a Guide to see what’s possible and how it works.

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What is a PATHZ Daily Challenge?

Sometimes challenges can seem difficult—like the challenge of taking your professional growth and development into your own hands—but these PATHZ Daily Challenges are actually a fabulous tool for you to learn and practice new skills and behaviors and to see situations and people you encounter a little differently. Watch the video to learn more.

There’s a new Daily Challenge for you to practice every week day!


We're curious:
which of these intangible skills do you most struggle with?




(P.S. This short call is with a professional growth guide, Stacia, not a salesperson!)


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