We have a lot of technical terms about risk in our workplaces. We do Risk Assessments. We might have a team that is responsible for Risk Management. We practice Risk Mitigation when we manage projects. We might describe an organization, or a leader, or our legal department as Risk Adverse. We might seek the seemingly elusive Risk-Reward. The concept of risk is very important to organizations and their stakeholders. This Forum is about your role with respect to risk; it’s about your understanding and perception of risk and how you approach it in your work.

In this Daily Challenge Forum, we will discuss how comfortable you are with taking risks, why it is important to take calculated risks to help move yourself, your team or your organization forward, and how you might go about adjusting your own risk profile.

Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “How comfortable are you with taking risks?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to learn from others.

Who should attend?
Regardless of your position or your industry or your role, understanding your risk profile and learning when to change your approaches will come in handy in all kinds of situations. Attend this Forum if you are interested in exploring the concept of risk and how your comfort with it impacts your success.


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