Some of us thrive on conflict, and some of us avoid it like the plague; we all have our preferences. But being great at handling conflict in different ways depending on the situation, in spite of our preferences, is critical to our success in the workplace. When we can apply different approaches to conflict in different situations, we will realize better results on our projects and with our teams. We will also have better relationships with our customers, peers and leaders. Managing conflict effectively really is a balancing act—it’s about knowing when conflict might be helpful versus harmful, and it’s about knowing what you can do to maximize helpful conflict and appropriately address harmful conflict.

Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “What motivates you to avoid conflict?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to learn from others who are also trying to get better at managing conflict.

Who should attend?
Regardless of your position or your industry or your role, understanding what makes you avoid—or actively engage—in conflict and learning when to change your approaches will come in handy in all kinds of situations. Attend this Forum if you are interested in exploring your preferences and how you can change them to get the best results.


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