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We help you explore your paths

Want to stretch yourself at work? We will challenge you.
Not sure how to achieve your big dreams? We will guide you.
Feeling stuck? We will energize you.
Want to meet up with others to share ideas? We will connect you.
Want to learn something new? We will teach you.
Wondering what your next steps are? We will challenge you again.

Welcome to PATHZ: A Professional Growth Challenge®.
Your professional growth challenge.

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What we aspire to

Our vision is to help millions of you—one at a time, personally, and individually—know what you want to do at work and become who you want to be at work so that you work at your best.

We are humans helping humans through a uniquely comprehensive set of ideas, tools, resources, and opportunities that will help each person’s ongoing effort to explore, learn, and adapt professionally.


We want to help you work at your best no matter what you do and where you work.

We want you to do it your way—whether that be online, by phone, in person, with others, or on your own.

Because we imagine that if we are all working at our best in whatever we choose to do, we will not only be better humans (more engaged, more fulfilled, more connected) but also will create better workplaces (more fun, more efficient, more productive, more supportive, more rewarding).

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How we got here

What has come together as PATHZ – A Professional Growth Challenge has been the ideas and contributions of many, and we thank them all.

PATHZ is a Zelos project. For over 12 years, Zelos has helped organizations do the work of organizations better, by helping them clearly define their visions, missions, goals, and values, and by training their teams and staff to achieve, efficiently and effectively. At Zelos, we serve organizational clients. With PATHZ, we extend our services to each and every individual who wants to get help with professional growth. We support you in your own growth, customizing our approach to accommodate your preferences: how, when, and with whom you want to learn and grow. It’s for you and about you, regardless of what you are doing or where you work today, or tomorrow. We’re here for you.