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Meet John: He reached out to a Guide to get unstuck in his career.

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John schedules a free 15-minute session with Jane. John shares that he’s feeling stuck in his current position and that—while there are promotion opportunities available—he’s just not getting them. Jane asks John what kind of feedback he’s gotten after he has been passed over for the promotions and what his sense is about why he feels stuck. They talk a bit. John decides he wants to explore these questions further and schedules his first full 1-hour session with Jane later that afternoon.

Hour 1: Jane calls John at the appointed time. They recap their earlier call, and Jane reviews John’s answers to the questionnaire. She also asks what’s at the top of his mind NOW, since their last conversation. During this 1-hour call, Jane helps John formulate a plan to take 3-5 reasonable actions that will help him gather additional feedback, understand the feedback he’s already received, and take steps toward his future dream job. For example, one of the pieces of feedback he’s received is that the positions he’s applied for have budget responsibility and he’s never worked on a project or in a position where budget has been a consideration. Jane and John brainstorm opportunities for John to gain this experience now so he can answer “yes” credibly later.

At the end of Hour 1, John decides to schedule 4 additional sessions with Jane over the next month to focus on each of the actions they identified and to review his progress. He schedules and completes Hours 2, 3, 4 and 5 with his PATHZ Guide.

3 months later…

John schedules another 1-hour call with Jane because a promotion opportunity is available, and he wants help framing his responses to the interview questions to reflect the work he’s done and actions he’s taken. John and Jane talk through his new experiences, and he practices his responses. John agrees to send Jane an update after the interview to let her know how it went. A week or so later, he emails Jane to say: “This time, I got the promotion! Whoo hooo!” Jane congratulates him and says she’s happy to help any time in the future.