How would you describe good judgment?

Write a sentence that describes what the phrase "good judgment" means to you. If you struggle with writing a complete sentence, start with some key words that represent good judgment. If you're still stuck, go ahead and google it; please read carefully through different google results before you craft your own description.

Why do this?
As a supervisor, you might find that you recognize "bad judgment" much more easily than "good judgment." It's helpful to be able to recognize and describe both for yourself and to staff. Good judgment can be taught, and it can be practiced like any other skill.
This challenge, where you are thinking through and defining what key job skills really mean, will help you recognize and provide feedback about them.
What's next?
What other key job skills do you frequently need to explain to others? What about "being politically savvy" or "innovation"? Complete this same challenge for other key job skills.

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