What does beneficial conflict look like?

The next time your team (or your family, friend group, etc.) has a big decision to make, assign one person to play the role of "devil's advocate." Make sure to choose someone who is good at challenging opinions and presenting alternative ideas without ruffling feathers—the goal is to encourage deeper thinking, not start an office war.

Why do this?
Having one person focus on challenging ideas and presenting alternative points of view ensures that you will have a wider variety of potential solutions than you would otherwise. It also encourages everyone to think potential solutions through more deeply.
Over time, your team will also be more used to hearing constructive disagreement, and will be less likely to take it personally when someone challenges their ideas in the future.
What's next?
Assign the "devil's advocate" role to a different team member each time. This will help them build the skill of presenting conflicting ideas in a way that fosters discussion, rather than shutting it down.

Have you taken the challenge?

I want to see a challenge everyday