How can you improve your integrity?

Think of someone you interact with on a regular basis who could give you feedback on your integrity. Ask them to give you their honest opinion of your current skill set in this area, and one or two specific things you could do to improve.

Why do this?
The path to developing soft skills is often less obvious than the clear-cut methods for learning technical skills—taking a course, reading a book, or getting a certification doesn’t always address your particular situation. (By the way, if you noticed that this challenge is similar to another one you've done, you're right. It is! We developed a series dedicated to developing soft skills, and this challenge is part of that series.)
Having a mentor who will give you specific feedback on how you’re doing and what you could do differently goes a long way.
What's next?
Make a genuine effort to apply their feedback for two weeks. Do people respond to you differently during this time?

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