Daily Challenge Video

How do you provide opportunities for all team members to contribute their best?

Think about your last team meeting. During discussions, who spoke most, least, or not at all? Consider what you did, or did not do, to make the conversation balanced.

Why do this?
Ensure you are getting the best ideas from every member of your team. Your quietest team members often have things to say but may not find it easy to speak up if more extroverted team members are monopolizing the conversation. Quiet team members may need your active facilitation and support to have their valuable contributions heard.
This act is part of your long-term effort to strengthen your ability to get the best from your team in ways that will make them feel supported, not singled out.
What's next?
Speak with your quietest team members one-on-one to ensure they know that their contribution is valued. Invite them to share thoughts and ideas via email if they did not have the opportunity to speak during a meeting.

Have you taken the challenge?

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