What is your goal around leveraging diversity?

Think about your current skill level around leveraging diversity. What is the most important way you could develop, or the most important thing you could accomplish in this area in the next year? It might be taking a class, practicing a certain skill, or finishing a specific project. Whatever it is, write it down as a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound).

Why do this?
Having intentional goals in different areas is the best way to ensure your continued growth. (By the way, if you noticed that this challenge is similar to another one you've done, you're right. It is! We developed a whole series on writing goals, and this challenge is part of that series.)
This challenge is part of a series that encourages you to develop a more concrete vision of what you would like to accomplish this year.
What's next?
Write this goal down on a sticky note and place it somewhere visible, so you have a constant reminder to track toward it.

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