Welcome to PATHZ Live Event Opportunities

PATHZ 90-minute live events offer relevant, timely and professional growth-focused topics for individuals from all levels of experience and industries. It’s a place for people to come and learn together. PATHZ workshops and daily challenge forums are facilitated by a professional and are carefully designed to engage and encourage participants to decide on specific action items that they can do for their own professional growth.
The PATHZ Team can design and offer additional Workshop topics on request, and in fact, we are constantly designing new topics based on client demand.
The PATHZ Team can develop a Daily Challenge Forum for any published daily challenge. By design, we can add a Forum very rapidly because we’ve already done the background research and thinking to create the Daily Challenges themselves.

At PATHZ, we believe that we all have unique skills and passions;

We all work best when we channel those skills and passions into something we care about;

We all create—through our actions and attitudes—the workplaces where we spend so much of our time;

And we all can learn and grow and change our approaches, knowledge, ideas, and even ourselves.

We do these things so that we can all do and be better at work.

Professional Growth Workshops

PATHZ Workshops are designed to provide solid training—using best adult learning principles. They are concise (just 90-minutes) and engaging. Each Workshop is designed with goals and key teaching points; we provide a notebook for exercises and notes; we share Reference Sheets throughout the session; we help people create their own action items for growth; we provide pre-work in advance and additional resources following the session; and our facilitator is available immediately after the session for individual guidance.


Creating Your Approach to Professional Growth Workshop

You are learning, growing and developing every day. But are you doing it on purpose with your own goals in mind? Are you selecting what you learn and how you learn it based on your own learning preferences? Don’t let someone else decide for you; create your own approach to professional growth. Commit to your plans among friends in this interactive 90-minute workshop. Our skilled facilitator will walk you through a process to help you decide what and how you wish to grow professionally to achieve your best success.

Who should attend:
Anyone in any job who wants help developing their learning development plan, on purpose, for themselves.


Managing Up: The Art of Creating Successful Relationships with Your Manager Workshop

Chances are: you report to someone at work. Chances are: you report to someone you may not completely understand or appreciate. And chances are: you will not be as successful or fulfilled at work if you can’t learn to work well with the person you report to. If you can learn and anticipate what your manager needs (and understand why), you can build a more effective relationship with your manager, and both of you and your organization stand to enjoy much greater accomplishments. This workshop is designed for anyone seeking strategies to improve relationships with their manager. Whether this is a newly formed connection or a longer-term situation, you will learn strategies for initiating meaningful conversations with your boss, for understanding their perspective, and having your ideas heard.

Who should attend:
Anyone looking for new ideas and strategies for working better with a manager or supervisor.


The Path to a Great Job Fit Workshop

Work can be exhilarating or exhausting. The key to making it the former rather than the latter is, at least in part, to be in a job that is a great fit for you. Unfortunately, few of us start off our careers thinking in those terms. (We are just trying to move into our own apartment!) Sometimes, even after we are well into our careers, we have trouble finding a great job fit. In this workshop, we are going to explore some factors that ought to be in your consideration as you walk your career path. Come join us for interesting discussions and for time to think selfishly about you!

Who should attend:
Anyone considering a change in their career or in their role.

Daily Challenge Forums

In our Daily Challenge Forums, we facilitate a conversation related to a specific daily challenge. Participants will discuss tehri experience with that specific daily challenge, hear what others experienced, gain a deeper understanding of the topic, and consider new approaches. A PATHZ team member will facilitate the group through a series of probing questions. Remember: all daily challenges are designed to help build skills and comfort in key work-related competencies over time. Based on the discussion, participants plan their own set of next steps for continuing to develop this, or other, competencies for success in the workplace.


What is your decision-making style?

How many decisions do you make a day? We read that an adult makes about 35,000 decisions every day; that’s about 1 decision every 2 seconds (if you sleep for 8 hours). You decide when to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, what to “like.” And that’s just before you leave the house; then you go to work and make thousands more decisions that probably have a much broader impact. How does your decision-making style affect the decisions you make at work? Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “What is your decision-making style?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about why it matters.

Because at work, it isn’t always a question of making the “right decision,” it’s a question of how you make decisions and what you learn from them.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to improve how, and when, to make decisions, or who wants to gain a better understanding of how others are making decisions. This Forum is open to anyone at any level in their careers, in any industry and in any role.


How can constructive feedback help you?

Feedback comes in all shapes and sizes and at different times. At work, feedback might be delivered formally through an appraisal process or delivered informally during in-the-moment conversations and meetings. Some of it might be helpful; some of it might not be. What you do with the feedback can make all the difference in your success as a team member or leader. This Forum is about how you can (and should) go in search of constructive feedback from colleagues and leaders, and it’s about deciding what you are going to do with the feedback you’ve received. Being able to listen to constructive feedback and adjust what you do based on it will help you earn respect and demonstrate that you hold yourself accountable for your work.

Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “How can constructive feedback help you?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to get help knowing what to do with the feedback you received, and to make a plan for how to continue this effort.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is in search of continuous improvement for themselves and their work product, and anyone who is struggling with how to gather or interpret feedback from others. This Forum is open to anyone at any level in their careers, in any industry and in any role.


What motivates you to avoid conflict?

Some of us thrive on conflict, and some of us avoid it like the plague; we all have our preferences. But being great at handling conflict in different ways depending on the situation, in spite of our preferences, is critical to our success in the workplace. When we can apply different approaches to conflict in different situations, we will realize better results on our projects and with our teams. We will also have better relationships with our customers, peers and leaders. Managing conflict effectively really is a balancing act—it’s about knowing when conflict might be helpful versus harmful, and it’s about knowing what you can do to maximize helpful conflict and appropriately address harmful conflict.

Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “What motivates you to avoid conflict?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to learn from others who are also trying to get better at managing conflict.

Who should attend?
Regardless of your position or your industry or your role, understanding what makes you avoid—or actively engage—in conflict and learning when to change your approaches will come in handy in all kinds of situations. Attend this Forum if you are interested in exploring your preferences and how you can change them to get the best results.


How comfortable are you with taking risks?

We have a lot of technical terms about risk in our workplaces. We do Risk Assessments. We might have a team that is responsible for Risk Management. We practice Risk Mitigation when we manage projects. We might describe an organization, or a leader, or our legal department as Risk Adverse. We might seek the seemingly elusive Risk-Reward. The concept of risk is very important to organizations and their stakeholders. This Forum is about your role with respect to risk; it’s about your understanding and perception of risk and how you approach it in your work.

In this Daily Challenge Forum, we will discuss how comfortable you are with taking risks, why it is important to take calculated risks to help move yourself, your team or your organization forward, and how you might go about adjusting your own risk profile.

Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “How comfortable are you with taking risks?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to learn from others.

Who should attend?
Regardless of your position or your industry or your role, understanding your risk profile and learning when to change your approaches will come in handy in all kinds of situations. Attend this Forum if you are interested in exploring the concept of risk and how your comfort with it impacts your success.