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It’s all about you

You know that you are the most important factor in your career satisfaction, growth and development, which means: you want to be purposeful and responsible. But where to begin? Our Professional Growth Guides can help you figure out your next steps in your growth; they can help you manage the rough stretches, focus your energies, improve your skills, look at your situation a little differently, and much much more.

Are you reluctant to ask for help?

Consider these benefits:

  • With a PATHZ Guide, you get personalized assistance. Of course, there is plenty of general career advice available, but a Guide is someone who listens to your situation and can give you expert direction on how to handle it.
  • With a PATHZ Guide, you carve out dedicated time to make progress. It is far too easy to procrastinate on career goals or rationalize that you don’t have time, etc. (We all do it.) A PATHZ Guide can help hold you accountable. Keeping your goals top of mind will help ensure you stay on track with reaching them.
  • A PATHZ Guide provides a ‘safe zone.’ Working with a Guide is also a good, low-stakes way to experiment with different ideas for your career, try a new elevator pitch at a networking event, or formulate a response for when a manager or interviewer asks about your career goals. You get a chance to experiment and practice in a safe environment with no risk.

How does it work?

Our Professional Growth Guides are available to talk with you by phone. If you know what service you need, you can schedule and purchase engagements by the hour by using one of the Guide Engagement options below. If you don’t know what you need, schedule a free 15-minute test drive, and we’ll help you. It’s free. There’s no risk to you. This test drive is not a marketing call; we’ll just talk and see if one of our Guides can help you with your situation.

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Schedule a free 15 minute call with a PATHZ Guide to learn more before you buy a service.

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On-The-Job Challenges

Talk to a PATHZ Guide about your real on-the-job challenges & we'll help you find approaches you can implement.

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Career Path

Talk to a PATHZ Guide about exploring your career paths & we'll clarify your future goals and create a plan to achieve them.

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