Meet Carolyn

I, Carolyn, began my career working with children, and what I love about their approach to life is that   they live in the moment, speak their minds, and solve problems through play.

Both by training and natural skill, I am focused on listening to and understanding the unique perspectives of others. I am known for my quick wit and thoughtful counsel. I enjoy helping people discern and develop their skills, finding solutions to complex situations and connecting ideas creatively.

Early in my career, I had the good fortune of landing in an organization that valued and actively supported professional growth and development. I was promoted within that setting and gained experience in managing and leading teams. Over my 28 years there, I did lots of hiring, coaching and staff development. My training as a clinical social worker shaped my beliefs about leadership and professional development. You can read about my job history on LinkedIn.

My interest in leadership was sparked by my participation in the development of a county-wide initiative that integrated planning and service delivery for child-serving agencies. Through that experience, I learned about both the challenges and opportunities created by collaboration and leadership across organizations. Because of my interests and skills in this area, I have worked with multiple cross-functional work teams, focused on improving work processes. Many of the people I hired and mentored went on to high level positions in their careers.

For the past several years, I have consulted in the development of the PATHZ Daily Challenges and co-developed leadership training workshops for both Zelos and Leadership Solutions.

Please schedule an appointment with me if you have on-the-job challenges around communication, interpersonal or staff issues. Also, if you want to look more closely at your career path, skills, and next steps, consider scheduling a time to talk with me. I will listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions, and help you find your way forward.