Meet Helene

Helene Bumbalo

I, Helene, am open-minded, an enthusiastic collaborator, eager to learn, and willing to be wrong if it means getting to the best outcome for everyone. I managed my career through multiple quick switchbacks and unexpected hurdles. I didn’t start out that way. I had a career plan! Having completed my Master’s in Counseling, I expected to hang a shingle and become a therapist. I developed my listening skills, questioning ability, thrived in helping others clarify their thinking and face their barriers, develop plans to overcome them and choose ways to feel fulfilled despite whatever came their way.

Still, due to unexpected mergers, acquisitions, funding elimination, reorganizations and even a corporate bankruptcy, I learned to navigate the rough waters of a more crooked path. I became resilient and flexible, using a growth mindset as my compass. By focusing on my core strengths, interests, talents, values and skills, I re-engineered my professional self, moving from various job titles and industries: Healthcare to Education to Banking to Aviation to Consulting.

My resilience has allowed me to create a robust and fulfilling career in unexpected ways, challenge myself to learn new skills, meet individuals I wouldn’t have met, live abroad, work both in-person and virtually, beat the odds of working past 55! I have worked with IT professionals, pilots, marketers, engineers, medical professionals, educators, business owners and entrepreneurs as well as government and corporate executives. For the past several years, I have developed and delivered training for groups and individuals on multiple topics including communication skills, career management, American business English, intercultural communication, career success in the USA and personal branding for Zelos. You can read about my job history on LinkedIn.

Please schedule a call with me if you are experiencing the need or desire to re-career, find yourself prepping for a job interview, have a question about maximizing your networking strategies or want someone to challenge you as you sort out a problem at work. We can explore ways to re-calibrate career goals, build your growth mindset and identify solutions that make you the driver of your life. I’ll listen, ask questions and help you crystallize your thinking and present yourself with your own clarity and strength.