Meet Stacia

Hello! I am Stacia, the CEO of Zelos and a PATHZ Professional Growth Guide. I’m here to help you with any professional situation or challenge you are facing. To help you, I’ll ask questions; we’ll talk; I may offer resources; I may even share experiences, if you ask!

I consider myself a generalist and an accidental entrepreneur. I never imagined owning a business. My dream was simple—to always do an amazing job no matter what I was doing or who I was doing it for, and to only do it for as long as it made sense for everyone. I didn’t follow a typical business education route. I have a bachelor’s in English, a master’s in communication and information with a focus on research, and a Six Sigma black belt certification. I have worked in and contributed to great successes in many fields, including law, public policy, economics, IT, research, governments, and more. I didn’t stumble into this entrepreneur thing by becoming “the expert” in something and then owning it. As I said, I am a generalist. You can read all about my job history on LinkedIn.

But here’s the thing: it’s all of these different experiences, jobs, environments, situations; it’s all of these trials and errors, hits and misses; it’s all the fabulous and unusual and challenging bosses and colleagues and team members; it’s everything I’ve ever done or thoughtfully observed that has positioned me for what I am doing right now.

More than seven years ago now (it seems like just yesterday), I jumped on a tremendous opportunity that would allow me to do more, decide more, help more than I’d ever been able to do before. And I knew I could use every single thing I’d learned along the way to do it. As the owner of Zelos, LLC and the creator of PATHZ – A Professional Growth Challenge®, I get to help people do and be what they want, to find and appreciate their strengths, to grow and learn something new. I help clients see their work in a new way, to look at things a little differently, to get unstuck, to find another option. I’ve helped leaders; I’ve helped teams; I’ve helped individual contributors. I’ve helped people in the moment think through and find new approaches to many difficult or just pesky work situations; I’ve helped people evaluate different options to decide for themselves; I’ve helped people implement complex long-term projects over time; and much more.

Please schedule time with me if you have a specific on-the-job challenge or a career decision you’d like to talk about right now. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t worked in the same kind of organization or had the same kind of jobs over the years—I learn fast and listen well. Besides, it’s about you—not me. Call me. If I feel like I cannot help you, I’ll tell you, and we’ll find someone else who can.