On-the-job Challenges

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On-The-Job Challenges

Talk to a PATHZ guide about your real on-the-job challenges & we'll help you find approaches you can implement.

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Meet Monica: She reached out to a Guide about an on-the-job challenge.

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Monica has been faithfully doing daily challenges to stretch her thinking about how to “be better” and happier at work. She particularly likes the challenges where she gains new ideas for activities to try with her team. But she has this one team member who she just can’t get through to… this one team member who—no matter what she tries—just refuses to do anything differently than the way it has always been done. Monica says that the team member is so stubborn and just won’t budge. To make matters worse, now other people on the team who used to get excited about new stuff also grumble and stall. Monica doesn’t know what do to and needs some advice now.

Since she knows how helpful the PATHZ daily challenges have been, she decides to call a PATHZ Guide for help. She goes online and immediately books a 2-hour session for the next morning so that she can talk through her situation with her team and the challenges she’s having.

Monica gets a call from Taylor at the appointed time. Taylor congratulates Monica for all of her work on the daily challenges and restates what he understands her current challenge to be. He asks questions about what Monica has already tried and the results, and he actively listens. He does a little bit of teaching about change management as it applies to this situation. He helps Monica decide what she might try differently in her team meeting next Tuesday, helps her prepare for it, and even helps her think about and prepare for “worst case” scenarios. Once Monica is comfortable with her plan, they wrap up the call. She agrees to send Taylor a quick email after the meeting to let him know how it went and what worked well. Taylor is there to help again if she needs more ideas in the future.